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Want to increase your daily performance? Our energy shots will boost your abilities naturally in addition to improving your sexual tone. Discover our vitamin cocktails in shot now!

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How to get more energy fast?

You feel that you have a little slack in the day, you have a lack of energy and you want to be boosted instantly? Nothing could be easier! We have the solution to your problem with many food supplements. MaxiPower Shot will improve your concentration, your energy, your physical performance and reduce your mental fatigue! It is recommended to consume one of these shots 1 hour before the desired effect. If you want to have a boost of sexual energy you can then turn to TestoPerf. These capsules will come to boost the male sexual vigor, the sexual performances are thus improved and your rate of testosterone increased! For a long-lasting effect, it is recommended to consume two capsules per day for 10 days or 2 hours before the desired effect. Testoman will play more on the erectile function, it will also allow to keep a good level of testosterone in the blood. The same goes for Arginine/Tribulus which will help to have a higher libido and which has energizing qualities. All the vitamins contained in these supplements will give you an immediate boost!

Which vitamin to have energy?

What to do when physical fatigue makes its return? Nothing better than consuming vitamins to reduce this fatigue! Ginseng helps vitality and promotes physical performance. Guarana helps to feel more energetic and to reduce mental fatigue. Caffeine and Taurine help reduce mental and physical fatigue. Tribulus promotes sexual desire and performance, helps maintain testosterone levels, improves sperm count and motility, increases libido and erectile function, and helps maintain good sexual relations. All these vitamins are ideal to boost your bodybuilding, boost your sexual performance. For a lasting effect, it is advisable to take these vitamins in cure. To you the revival of an active and intense sexual life with Labophyto! For more information, do not hesitate to contact our team from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm at 04 11 62 47 52!


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