EFSA validation European Authority


French manufacture in the respect of the standards of hygiene and food safety (HACCP, ISO 22000) for an optimal quality and safe products for the consumers. 

All our products comply with French (DGCCRF) and European (EFSA) regulations.

Our products are made in France, and from natural ingredients (plants, trace elements and vitamins), recognized for their virtues and benefits on sexuality, studied in scientific research. 

For the erection, the virility and the vigor, we use in particular: 

- Tribulus: which promotes erection, desire, male fitness, endurance, and testosterone production. 

- Astragalus: to tone you up thanks to the flavonoids and saponins contained in its root. 

- Ginseng: to give you a boost thanks to its effect on the tonus, energy, and the reduction of tiredness. 

- The lovage: for its tonic properties which reinforce the sexual power. 

For the libido, and fertility, we use in particular: 

- Maca: which has a beneficial influence on desire, and fertility. 

- Shatavari : which supports the reproductive function of men and women. 

- The Pale Rose: which supports the sexual function and fertility.


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