Intimate lubricating gels for women

Amplify your orgasms with Labophyto's sexual lubricants. Our water-based or silicone-based intimate gels will improve comfort to intensify pleasure during foreplay or the sexual act.

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Which intimate lubricant should I choose?

There are as many intimate pleasures as there are lubricants that fit them, always make sure to choose a lubricant that suits the sexual act you are about to have. If you want to lubricate a silicone sextoy, you must use a water-based intimate lubricant and not a silicone-based one because the sextoy could swell. The vaginal lubricant White Water-based Lube will offer you intense reports thanks to its consistency which approaches that of the sperm, moreover this one is of whitish color. Its composition is water-based and thus compatible with all types of sex toys. The Thick water-based anal lube is a water-based lubricant dedicated to anal pleasure thanks to its thick consistency, it makes anal penetration very pleasant. If you wish to use sensual massages to make the sexual intercourse more intense the 2-in-1 water and silicone based lube will be ideal for you, it is at the same time a long-lasting sexual lubricant but also an excellent massage gel! It is however not compatible with silicone sex toys. Finally, for men and women wishing to have a long lubrication power as well as a strong lubrication during their intercourse we advise you the Silicone Lube. Thanks to this lubricating cream your pleasure will be amplified, nevertheless take care not to use it with silicone sextoys!

How to apply an intimate lubricant?

First of all, before using your lubricant, for your comfort, you must make sure that it is adapted to the sexual practice that you intend to have. You should know that silicone-based lubricants are in no way compatible with silicone sex toys, only water-based ones are. All these lubricants are compatible with latex condoms. As for their application, you simply apply the amount of lubricant you want on the part of the body you want before the sexual intercourse. The gel spreads gently and can be removed with water. If the product is completely absorbed, you can of course add more during sex.

What is the purpose of the lubricant?

In case of intimate dryness, a female lubricant is what will allow you to make love without pain, without risk of irritation or itching and will offer you a pleasant comfort at the time of the penetration. It also allows you to discover new sensations thanks to its different components, whether they are water-based, silicone-based, rather thick or on the contrary very liquid. The intimate gels allow above all to improve the sexuality of the man and the woman. Their lubricating power will make penetration easier and in no way unpleasant, whether it is anal or vaginal. For more information, do not hesitate to contact our team from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm at 04 11 62 47 52 !


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