Intimate lubricating gels for women

Explore our range of intimate gels, whether they are water-based or silicone-based, designed to enhance comfort during your intimate moments. Labophyto's relaxing gel is specifically formulated to soothe and moisturize delicate areas, making intimacy easier with its relaxing and moisturizing properties.

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Our Range of Intimate Gels: A Sexual Balance for Every Need

"TopDesire" Intimate Gel

The TopDesire gel meets your intimate well-being needs by providing comfort and harmony during intimate moments. It also supports female sexual function.

"Stimulating Clitoral Gel" Intimate Gel

Designed to meet the specific needs of women, the Stimulating Clitoral Gel contributes to harmonious sexual balance, similarly to TopDesire.

"TopVirgin" Gel

TopVirgin is ideal for those who wish to tone and support their intimate well-being, especially after significant events like pregnancy.

How to Use Labophyto Intimate Gels

  • How to Apply: A small amount of gel, gently massaged, is enough for complete absorption.
  • When to Use: Gels can be applied before intimate moments to ensure optimal balance.
  • Precautions: Although formulated with natural ingredients, consult a healthcare professional in case of irritation. Note that they do not serve as contraceptives.

Testimonials and Expert Feedback

Our customers and sexual health experts recognize and appreciate the effectiveness of our gels in improving and maintaining sexual well-being and balance.

FAQ on Intimate Gels

Are Labophyto gels safe?
Yes, made from rigorously tested natural ingredients, our gels are safe. In case of reaction, consult a healthcare professional.

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