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Labophyto is an online store of natural stimulants and aphrodisiacs related to sexuality and couple fertility. In the form of food supplements to take as a cure, just before intercourse or even in gel or cream, Labophyto accompanies you in all your needs related to your sexuality

The Labophyto selection

Discover our solutions dedicated to your sexual well-being and fertility.

Optimize your masculine vitality!

Explore our selection of fast-acting natural stimulants, specially designed for more dynamic intimate performance and maximum effectiveness

Improve your stamina !

Be in full control of the situation and master the moment with our choice of delaying products available in the form of cures, gels, wipes or sprays, to prolong your intimate moments

Labophyto bescomes a member of Synadiet

This membership reinforces our commitment to offering high-quality, safe products, supported by best manufacturing practices and rigorous regulatory compliance

Labophyto - French manufacturer of food supplements and cosmetic products based on natural ingredients such as plants, vitamins and trace elements.

Labophyto Laboratories, with their solid expertise, are dedicated to the development of food supplements and cosmetic products that promote intimate well-being. These products, rich in plants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, actively contribute to the maintenance of essential bodily functions linked to physical vitality and intimate well-being.

Since 2015, Labophyto, a family business with a human dimension, has stood out in Europe for its unique range of natural products, entirely made in France, dedicated to sexual health. Our primary mission is to improve the intimate well-being of couples through meticulously developed solutions, thus strengthening the maintenance of a vital component of the body. These products, by providing optimized nutrients, play an essential role in the proper functioning of bodily functions, thus ensuring the physical vitality necessary for a fulfilling sex life.


15 years of experience

  Wide range of sexual

health products

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delivery within 48h

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