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There are many causes that can lead to erectile dysfunction in men, at any age. At Labophyto, we offer concrete solutions to help you regain a satisfying sexuality.

Find our aphrodisiac products for erections in the form of capsules, tablets, creams, sprays, gels or even shots.

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What is the best powerful and fast-acting aphrodisiac to stimulate erection?

To tell the truth, there is no precise answer. It all depends on the cause of your erectile dysfunction: is it due to stress, fatigue, hormonal changes, or simply age? In the same way, it will be necessary to take into account the different types of stimulants for men that we propose as well as their use. Do you prefer a product in the form of a stimulant gel, quick-acting tablets (to be taken one to two hours before sex) or even capsules in the form of a cure?

How do food supplements also called "natural aphrodisiacs" work?

Intended for men, our range of food supplements allows to increase the sexual performances and to improve the quality of the erections. The natural sexual stimulants will thus help to fight against the erectile dysfunctions in particular thanks to the vasodilator effects of their ingredients. Quickly effective, they act both on sexual energy and on erection. They are among others, an excellent alternative to drugs. Have a hot moment without worrying about your performance.

The different types of aphrodisiacs

As mentioned above, we offer several types of natural aphrodisiacs, and here are their specificities.

The fast-acting aphrodisiac gels

We know how frustrating it can be not to achieve an erection and that it is not always easy to measure the time before an intercourse will take place. That's why we offer you erection boosting gels. With an almost immediate effect on your erection, these will be perfect to apply just before intercourse or during foreplay.

Fast acting aphrodisiac capsules

Often the favorite products of our clientele, the fast acting capsules are to be taken between 1 and 2 hours before the desired effect and will assure you of rich emotional relationships. From power boost to virility, these capsules will be perfect to satisfy your sexual relations. Proposed as natural alternatives to certain drugs causing more or less important side effects, these capsules remain on the other hand quite as effective.

Tablets in the form of cures

If your erection problems persist, we advise you to use one of our cures in order to solve this once and for all. By pack of 60 or 180, these cures will accompany you between 1 and 3 months and will know how to give a real sexual tonicity to your erection.


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