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Awaken desire in women and improve female sexual pleasure with Labophyto's intimate products. Natural sexual stimulants in the form of a cure or gel to fight against low libido.

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What is libido?

Freud defined libido as a vital energy containing all our desires, urges, cravings and sexual activity, whether they are real or just fantasies. It is in a way the "sexual appetite". The libido is activated either spontaneously or in response to stimuli: whether it is images, thoughts or the presence of a partner for example. It is therefore generally stimulated by physical or psychological factors. In women, the physical factors of libido will be the hardening of the nipples and the lubrication of the vagina. It is not taboo to experience a loss of libido at some point in one's life. A decrease in libido can be caused by physical fatigue, antidepressants, alcohol or drug abuse, or more specifically in women because of a contraceptive pill. It can also be related to certain anxieties and this at any time of life, there is no age. Generally it is only a passage and the sexual desire eventually returns. It is not possible to define a normal sexual desire, however it is between hypersexuality and the total absence of desire.

How to increase libido in women?

In women, libido can be increased by changing one's lifestyle for example, or by turning to food supplements and sexual stimulants. Reducing alcohol consumption, increasing sports activity, sleeping more, having a good contraceptive method but also trying to reduce stress levels can help increase libido. Some food supplements are composed of products that are naturally aphrodisiac and especially good for your health. If you have a loss of libido or if you want to increase it, you have for example the Bois Bandé and the Maca Labophyto. These are aphrodisiac ingredients in the form of capsules with many benefits on sexuality. These two products will mainly have an effect on the libido, in fact, they will stimulate sexual desire and increase it. In the same form we also have TopDesire, this product is intended to relax women in periods of stress or fatigue in order to stimulate more easily the libido. These three products are taken in cure to obtain a long-lasting effect. In another form, we offer HotDrink Woman, thanks to Maca and Banded Wood this product will stimulate and maintain sexual desire in women but also allow a better hormonal balance and more intense sexual relations.

How to find your libido naturally?

All couples face at some point a decline in libido, it holds an important place in the couple, it must therefore ensure that it keeps this place to maintain a healthy intimate life. There are many grandmotherly tricks to increase the libido or find it after a loss of sexual desire in fact many foods are perfect aphrodisiacs for women. Ginseng, for example, contributes to sexual well-being by fighting against the direct and indirect causes of sexual disorders. Dark chocolate also has aphrodisiac virtues that will increase your libido and thus influence your number of sexual relations. Almonds are a source of vitamin E, iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and zinc and will feed your sexual appetite while nourishing your brain. Avocado, asparagus, cloves, will also help to boost the female libido. Essential oils are also good compromises to naturally feed the libido. You can use ylang-ylang oil, it stimulates your libido, hair growth, it also has relaxing and hypotensive properties. Acupuncture can also stimulate your libido, to do so the areas to target are under the ankles and two inches below the navel. All you need to do is to perform rotating massages on these areas for a few minutes. Of course, you can also stimulate your sexual desire together by trying new things in bed, by properly stimulating the erogenous zones, by trying sound eroticism with the vocabulary of desire. By taking a little more risk, you can try games of hot / cold but also try striptease ...


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