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Get a more powerful erection with our aphrodisiac gels. At Labophyto, we offer natural, fast-acting products to harden the penis and thus regain better sexual performance.

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Which ointment to get a hard-on?

More than one man in three admits to having had a sexual breakdown, in most cases this is due to a lack of firmness and rigidity of the penis, a drop in libido or difficulties in getting an erection and keeping it. In these cases, it is more appropriate to respond to these problems in a natural way with the help of food supplements and gels based on aphrodisiac plants. Being based on natural products, these products are not likely to cause you any undesirable effects. In order to improve your sexual performance, it is therefore ideal to turn to gels and ointments to obtain a firmer and more intense erection. Erectile gels such as MenBooster and Hard-On Gel for example will allow your penis to be harder and longer, so your erection problems will be behind you. Your erection will come faster and thus increase the intensity of sexual intercourse for both partners. These gels are especially dedicated to men who wish to stimulate and improve their erection in a fast and effective way. These creams to get a harder hard-on are also available in pharmacies, however for the sake of discretion it is more advantageous to proceed with this purchase of medication to harden the penis directly online. Moreover, it avoids the embarrassment of being directly confronted with a practitioner if these problems weigh you down... There are nevertheless specialists ready to listen to you and answer your problems while advising you on the right products to turn to. Thanks to Labophyto, your erectile dysfunction problems will be a thing of the past and you will regain a harmonious libido!

How to properly apply an erection gel?

The pump bottle format of erection gels makes them easier to use and more discreet. Before testing these products directly on your penis, it is advisable to apply a small dose on your forearm to ensure that you do not have any allergic reaction to the products. As for the application of an erection gel, it is done just before the sexual act and this on the whole penis by carrying out massages so as to make penetrate the product. The gels can thus be used during the preliminaries. The excitement created by the massages on your penis will also contribute to make you hard! The cayenne pepper and vegetable oil will bring a sensation of heat that will stimulate the blood circulation thus offering an energizing effect that will optimize the erection. Moreover, these products are compatible with the use of condoms. You will now be more ready than ever for your intimate relations! It is important to take care of yourself but also of your intimate parts and their hygiene, trust our know-how and you will not believe it! For more information, do not hesitate to contact our team from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm at 04 11 62 47 52 !


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