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Nearly 30% of men are not satisfied with the size of their penis or the quality of their erections. At Labophyto, we offer natural solutions to increase your virility by improving your erections, developing the size of your penis and increasing your testosterone levels.

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Testosterone, the male hormone par excellence, is well known as a synonym for virility. Testosterone is supporting your sexual well-being and helps to maintain good general health to increase physical performance and therefore as well, sexual performance. Our food supplements contain plants that stimulate the level of testosterone and therefore sexual power, such as TestoMan.

Develop penis size and improve the quality of erections

Although size is not an important factor when seducing your partner, it is possible to be complexed sometimes by the size of your penis. Before considering surgery, there are natural solutions to increase the size of your penis and gain a few centimeters. These include penis enlargement creams such as MenSize XL and herbal food supplements. Taken daily as part of a multi-week course of treatment, your erections will be firmer and your penis will be enlarged, thanks to solutions such as MenSize XL in a 3-month program. You will feel more comfortable during intercourse and this will quickly have a positive effect on your libido and sexual well-being.

Do you want to improve the quality of your erections? We have developed a range of products that help to strengthen your erections, such as MenBooster gel and Ginkgo Biloba treatment. Your erections will be firmer and last longer. You also have the possibility to take quick acting sexual stimulants before intercourse. In addition, you benefit from fast delivery and French-made products that comply with current standards, when ordering on our website.

Products with natural ingredients 

Feeling good about yourself and your mind helps you to feel confident. And this also applies during sexual intercourse. To stimulate desire, strengthen your erections and become more efficient during sexual intercourse, you can take natural, herbal food supplements. On our site, you can choose between several products that meet specific needs, related to your sexuality. Our products are all elaborated by scientists and controlled before entering the market. If you need more information, our team is at your disposal by phone or e-mail.


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