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What are the causes of an erection problem in men?

Erectile dysfunction problems are common and are by no means a taboo, it is simply a decrease in the quality of erections over the long term. An erectile dysfunction is only qualified as such if it is repeated during each sexual relationship or if it lasts for more than three consecutive months. This male impotence represents an inability to obtain or maintain an erection sufficient to have good sexual relations. Erectile dysfunction occurs more frequently after the age of 50, but it can happen at any age and is related to the physical and psychological condition of the men concerned. Even with weak erections, it is possible to have sexual desire, orgasms and of course to ejaculate.

In men over 50, these erectile dysfunctions are generally due to high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol or tobacco but also to overweight or obesity for example. It can also be related to nerve damage due to alcoholism, Parkinson's disease ... A low hormone level or a chronic illness can also cause this kind of problem. It can also be a side effect of a surgical operation.

In men under 40, erectile dysfunction is more often related to a psychological problem. This may be due to high levels of anxiety or stress, depression or relationship problems. Usually these anticipatory fears cause erectile dysfunction.Certain medications can also cause erectile problems. To determine where the problem is coming from:If your erections still occur at night, in the morning or during a moment of pleasure alone, then it is related to a psychological problem;If, on the contrary, no more erections are possible, it is due to a physical problem.

How to cure impotence in men?

To fight against erectile dysfunction, incomplete erections as well as short-lived erections and premature ejaculation there are many solutions! It is not shameful to talk about it, it is even very important to consult a doctor or a sexologist if these problems exceed three months. Again, it is important to distinguish between occasional breakdown and persistent erectile dysfunction in order to choose the best solution to the problem. A health care professional will be able to determine the source of the problem and find the best solution for you. First, it is ideal to encourage sports activities and weight loss if necessary and reduce alcohol and tobacco consumption. You can then, if necessary, turn to food supplements, aphrodisiac gels, aphrodisiac foods that will promote sexual arousal, help maintain a good erection, delay ejaculation and thus increase the quality of your sexual relations. There are many natural foods that help promote your erection. We find for example the ginseng which will reduce impotence and improve the quality of the sperm. Garlic has a vasodilator effect which improves blood circulation and allows a better erection. Dark chocolate will promote arterial circulation and allow a better irrigation of the genitals, contributing to a quality erection. Asparagus and ginger also have a vasodilator effect that promotes erection.

How to have a good erection?

To fight against erectile dysfunction and maintain a good erection, it is necessary to turn to foods or products with natural aphrodisiac virtues. Labophyto offers you a wide range of products based on natural ingredients that will contribute to the male sexual well-being. Our food supplement cures are most effective when taken for three months. To promote good blood circulation to the genitals and thus improve the erectile function by allowing you to facilitate the coming of erection and their maintenance to avoid the risks of premature ejaculation. Ginkgo Biloba, MenSize XL, MenBooster and Arginine/Tribulus are ideal for this purpose. We also offer fast-acting stimulants that will allow you to be in good conditions before the sexual act and not to have erectile dysfunction. They aim to improve erectile function, blood circulation, testosterone levels and semen quality. It will strengthen your erection as well as your sexual power. They are specially designed for men who want to improve the quality of their erections and make their sexual relations more intense. You thus have the embarrassment of the choice: XL Power, ErecTab, SupraMen, Titan XXL! For a direct action on the penis, we have a range of gels to strengthen your erections. Hard-On Gel will strengthen the power of your erections, Titan XXL will increase the size of your penis by increasing blood flow and thus offers more vivid erections. Prolong Gel will help to maintain the erection as long as possible by controlling the moment of the ejaculation, Delay Gel allows him to delay the ejaculation. MaxiControl Gel acts on the disorders of the erection and supports the duration of this one. MenBooster Gel is intended for men wishing to stimulate their penis and its rigidity more quickly before a sexual report. With fast effect we also have several shots guaranteeing you intense sexual relations as well as vigorous erections: HotDrink For Men, MaxiPower Shot and Hot Shot Sex Booster.


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