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Where to find sweet clover?


Sweet clover is a plant native to Europe and Asia with many names: little yellow clover, flea grass or royal alfalfa. It is a herbaceous plant, biennial, from 30 to 120 cm high, with erect stems, with numerous small yellow or white flowers arranged in elongated clusters with a bloom from June to October. The leaves have three denticulated leaflets. The fruits are straight, unbowed pods that are blackish-green when maturé. It is usually found in well-sunny locations.

Yellow melilot or white melilot?


There are two main types of melilot: yellow and white. This plant is much visited by pollinating insects. Yellow sweet clover has a sweet smell that is similar to vanilla. It is a very easy plant to grow, it develops on any type of ground. It is generally found in the lowlands, in the temperate regions of Europe. It is an antispasmodic, a venous tonic and a light sedative. It is often used to fight against the abdominal and menstrual pains, to relieve the heavy legs, or to reduce the appearance of varicose veins or oedemas.

The white sweet clover grows in Europe and Asia. It grows in large hedges in open spaces. It is a herbaceous plant that resists well to drought. In internal use, the sweet clover is used because it helps to fight against the heavy legs. Externally, the yellow flowers of the sweet clover can also be used to relieve bruises, insect bites, strains or hematomas.


What are the benefits of sweet clover?


Sweet clover is a medicinal plant that contains coumarin. The flowering tops are used for their anti-inflammatory and protective properties of the vascular system and antispasmodic.

This plant increases the lymphatic drainage by a direct stimulation effect of the lymphatic vessels. It also improves the quality and the speed of the venous return and has a protective action of the capillaries in particular in the event of disorders of the blood circulation.

Moreover, the sweet clover stimulates the sexual desire, relieves the feeling of heavy legs and the puffs of heat, attenuates the anxieties, the urinary infections, the insomnia, the arterial hypertension, the migraines, the nervousness, the disorders of the digestive tract and related to the menopause, the spasmodic coughs, the giddinesses,?


The sweet clover is known and used for its anti-stress, antioxidant properties. It also promotes blood circulation thus increasing the blood flow to the penis which causes an improvement in the firmnesś of the erection. It will therefore help avoid worries of premature ejaculation!

Sweet clover is also used in medicine for its calming and relaxing properties which helps to facilitate and lengthen the erection time in men during periods of stress or overwork. Moreover, it regulates the functions of the liver and lymph, is anticoagulant, diuretic and antispasmodic. One thus uses it against various evils such as the digestive disorders, the oedemas, the bleedings, the bruises...

How to consume the melilot?


The melilot can be consumed in the form of food supplement, powder or liquid. As a dietary supplement, it is generally advisable to consume it as a cure in order to make the effects last. MenSize XL is a cure containing melilot, it will allow a better irrigation of blood in order to provide a more powerful and intense erection as well as an increase in the size of the penis thanks to its powerful aphrodisiac effects. Titan XXL also contains melilot and will enable you to know a more consequent sexual desire, firmer erections as well as a higher level of testosterone. XL Power will promote erectile function, increase libido and help maintain good testosterone levels. Titan XXL and XL Power are both fast acting stimulants!

You can find it in different forms: capsules, mother tincture, infusions, dry extract, dried flowers. For an infusion, the preparation is done by pouring boiling water on 1 to 2 teaspoons of sweet clover.

Too much sweet clover can cause headaches. There are no particular contraindications to the use of Sweet Clover, but it is not recommended for oral use by adolescents under 18 years of age. It is necessary to consume dried Melilot, with a correct drying. In very high doses, it can cause vomiting and other digestive disorders.


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