A touch of Astragale

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Where to find Astragale ?

It is a perennial plant, from North and East China. It is found on the shores, in estuaries and pine forests. This one measures between 60 and 150 cm in height. Its flowers are yellow and form clusters.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) gives the astragalus root (or Huang Qi) an important place in its therapeutic arsenal. TCM attributes to it the power to "stabilize the exterior", i.e. it would contribute to create a sort of shield against infections.

Moreover, astragalus is used in the composition of many traditional medicinal preparations commonly used in China and Japan.

In addition, in the 19th century, the Eclectic School of Medicine (USA) popularized the use of astragalus root to stimulate the immune system. Many astragalus-based tonics then appeared on the market and became quite popular in America.

Astragalus can be bought directly online or in specialized stores, it is simply necessary to pay attention to the composition of the products you buy so that they are of good quality.

What are the virtues of Astragalus?


The root of this plant aims to improve heart function by optimizing blood circulation.

Fatigue :

Astragalus is generally used in cases of fatigue, weakened immune system, stress etc. Indeed, astragalus has antioxidant and adaptogenic properties. It thus helps to promote physical and mental resistance to contribute to general well-being.

Other studies demonstrate the antioxidant and tonic role of Astragalus thanks to the flavonoids and saponins contained in the root.


It will also come to boost the natural defenses of the body, so it allows you to have benefits on the immune plan by improving your immunity, it is a very good ally.

Astragalus increases the number of stem cells in the bone marrow and lymphatic tissue and promotes their development into active immune cells. It reactivates resting immune cells, produces immunoglobulins, stimulates macrophages and promotes T-cell regeneration and Natural Killer cell activation


On the other hand, astragalus, thanks to its immunostimulant properties, improves the concentration of healthy spermatozoa and is a good sexual tonic.

Astragalus stimulates sperm motility and improves sperm concentration. Moreover, it is a very good sexual tonic for men and women and therefore has aphrodisiac virtues.

Your sexuality will be totally rejuvenated thanks to its anti-ageing virtues!

Studies have highlighted the role of astragalus on fertility and the improvement of sperm motilitý. This plant, thanks to its immunostimulant properties, improves the concentration of healthy spermatozoa (Hong, 1992) and is a very effective sexual stimulant that will make your sexual performance more intense.

MaxiVolum allows you to improve the quality of your sperm, which will make it more fertile. That's not all, it will also offer you an energy boost that will make your sexual intercourse more intense.


When to take Astragale?

Ideally, Astragale is consumed in autumn and winter in order to strengthen the immune system. It will aim to prepare the body for the change of season and boost your system! We recommend taking Astragalus especially as a preventive measure, especially against respiratory infections, but also to strengthen the immune system to boost the body.

If you are experiencing sexual problems, you can also turn to Astragalus, it is a very good sexual tonic that also helps to stimulate sperm motility and improve the concentration of spermatozoa. You will find for example Astragale in MaxiVolum. 

How to consume this plant?

Astragale can be consumed as root powder, dry extract, tincture and decoction. If you feel a drop in energy and wish to be more tonic at the sexual level for example, you can consume it in the form of powder or food supplements and then start a cure containing astragalus.

To improve your erections, to have a better quantity and quality of sperm and to have more energy you can turn to MaxiVolum, with him your sexual relations will not be the same any more! Erectab also contains astragalus and will help maintain a good erection by improving blood circulation, allowing you to experience intense sexual moments. MenBooster is an aphrodisiac for men also containing astragalus, it aims to improve male sexual pleasure and stimulate their libido. The quality of erections will also be improved.

Contraindications of Astragalus?

When consumed in a reasonable way, Astragalus is a safe plant for human beings. However, there are some contraindications. It is not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, young children, people suffering from autoimmune disease.

If you suffer from light gastrointestinal disorders, or an allergy, stop your astragalus cure. Prolonged or excessive consumption of astragalus root can also have immunosuppressive effects.


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