Saffron: a treasure for fertility

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What flower does saffron come from?

This spice with aphrodisiac properties comes from a plant called Crocus Sativus. In autumn, the bulb gives birth to a purple flower containing three red stigmas. These are then separated from the flower in order to dry them and those away from any trace of moisture or light.

In India, saffron has always been used as an aphrodisiac. Moreover, in classical Greece, saffron had the reputation to increase the desire of men but also of women. Even today, its properties are still widely used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

What are the benefits of saffron ?

The main application of saffron remains its beneficial role in mood disorders, depression, low morale, insomnia, anxiety and stress.


It has also been used for centuries in cosmetics to improve the quality of the skin. It has been used for centuries in cosmetics to improve the quality of the skin. It has an effect on the manifestations of skin aging such as firmness, vitality or renewed radiance.


It is also a very good asset in the problems of digestion, inflammation and menstrual disorders. The stigmas of saffron have a beneficial effect on the levels of triglycerides, cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol.


Already used during the antiquity, saffron is an interesting spice which has many virtues allowing to improve sexuality. It is notably anti-oxidant but it is especially known to stimulate the sexual desire and to improve the erection. It also stimulates the fertility of the couple. Its aphrodisiac effect has for consequence to reinforce the sexual power.

Saffron and fertility

The Saffron is recognized in the countries of the Near East to stimulate the fertility of men and women. Indeed, many studies have confirmed́ the role of saffron at different levels of fertility, in particular on the motilitý of spermatozoa as well as on reproductive functions.

Moreover, saffron has shown a real action on libido and sexual capacities in men and women. Indeed, it seems that saffron acts on the metabolism by increasing the sexual desire.

Moreover, saffron also increases the vitality and the energy available in the body. Thanks to its adaptogenic properties, it will support the body to answer to the lack of energy and the daily stress.

Saffron would therefore be interesting for men to increase sexual desire, fight against erectile dysfunction, improve cell reproduction, offer longer and firmer erections, improved orgasmic function.

But saffron also has virtues for women to stimulate sexual desire and fight against the effects of depression. It also relieves painful menstruation and lubricates dry vaginal mucosa.

Why is saffron expensive?

The high price of this spice is due to its very careful cultivation process and its difficult extraction. Each step of production is meticulous and requires a manual work in order to be very qualitative. Know that to obtain 1 gram of saffron, it requires the use of 150 flowers. Knowing that the production of saffron takes place only from the end of September to the beginning of December!

How to use saffron ?

Saffron is a very powerful spice, which is generally used in cooking. But nowadays, there are different dietary supplements based on saffron to give back energy and to stimulate the libido. Ideally, food supplements should be used in cure in order to extend their aphrodisiac power. In the kitchen, it is ideal to buy a dosette in order to ensure a good dosage. It is important to know that saffron can be toxic in high doses!

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