Lovage, the plant of the Near East

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Where to find lovage ?

Lovage, also known as Perpetual Celery or Mountain Ache, is native to the Near East and Southern Europe. Since antiquity, it is an herb known for its aromatic, medicinal and aphrodisiac properties. It is also called Maggi herb, because it gives its aroma to the cooking square.

It was attributed the power to stimulate the sexual desire and to increase the virility. It is thought that it is the Benedictine monks who would have introduced it in France. At the beginning of the 9th century, it is mentioned among the varieties of vegetable plants which grew in the garden of the emperor Charlemagne in the abbey of Saint-Gall (Switzerland).

It can reach 50cm high, the leaves of this perennial plant are aromatic and very cut like celery. Its seeds are harvested at the end of the summer when they detach from the inflorescence. A full sun exposure is best, but lovage is quite hardy and adapts to all types of soil. It also has a habit of attracting butterflies. Harvesting is done 12 months after sowing, it is usually necessary to wait until the fall to pick the seeds.

What are the benefits of lovage?

Lovage, used daily, has a positive influence on mood and has strengthening and invigorating properties on humans. In Chinese medicine, it is recommended to rebalance yin and yang.

According to some studies, it would be as effective as some drugs used to promote blood circulation in patients suffering from circulatory insufficiency.

It is also a digestive plant, diuretic, but also cholagogue, i.e. which facilitates the work of the liver and emmenagogue i.e. which facilitates the menstruation. Moreover, the lovage is rich in vitamins which makes it possible to tone up the body.

The lovage is thus interesting to stimulate the virility, to give again energy, to increase the endurance, to facilitate the blood flow for firmer erections. Lovage has long been used in "love filters" to boost libido and regulate mood. It is thus a sexual stimulant which has already proved itself!

How to consume lovage?

All is good in this plant, one uses as well the stem as the sheets, the flowers and seeds. In kitchen, fresh or dried, in food complement or infusion. You can for example consume it in the form of a cure with MenSize XL! It will thus reinforce your sexual power thanks to its tonic action. Your erections will be firmer and intense, your penis will gain in centimeters. We also have SupraMen, stimulant with fast effect containing lovage. This product improves the erection, reinforces the sexual power, stimulates the sexual desire and prolongs the pleasure. It has been developed for men who want to have longer sexual intercourse and have a higher libido. What to delight you and your partner!

Dried, the root of lovage can be in the form of powder and be used as seasoning. But it is also found in food supplements to boost the body and this in the form of cure. This is why we recommend a cure containing lovage in order to find your energy and facilitate your blood flow.

This plant is not recommended for pregnant women and people with kidney problems. It can cause an abnormal skin reaction in case of skin contact followed by direct exposure to the sun.


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